IBM is to introduce a cheaper and less powerful version of it storage virtualization software for use by small and medium sized (SMB) businesses.

The System Storage SAN Volume Controller (SVC) software is designed to help improve storage utilization rates, energy efficiency, administrator productivity, availability, and scalability of critical applications.

It is intended to significantly improve the flexibility and responsiveness of IT infrastructures by creating consolidated, virtual pools of information.

This is seen as a key issue for SMBs with exploding volumes of data that are looking to control costs while also responding to the changing business environment.

Barry Rudolph, vice president, IBM System Storage, said the company had been the leader in storage virtualization since SVC was introduced five years ago.

“By incorporating a more accessible and affordable product through our IBM Business Partners we are giving clients what they have been asking for – a way to incorporate green and efficient technologies into their information infrastructures to manage the data center crisis of today."

SVC Entry Edition is planned to be generally available on November 21.

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