SingleHop Offers 2 Gigs RAM Free

Managed dedicated hosting provider, SingleHop, has announced that it has completed a free of charge, memory upgrade program.

Over 900 SingleHop customers had less than 2 GB of RAM in their servers when the program commenced in July 2008.

The company says now almost every customer has a minimum 2 GB of RAM.

All new customers will receive a minimum of 2 GB of RAM in their servers, also free of charge.

SingleHop allowed customers to schedule the time and date when their upgrade would be performed during the process.

The entire program, valued at over USD $100,000, was aimed at increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction, as well as improving SingleHop’s competitiveness in the marketplace.

Zak Boca, president of SingleHop, said two very important goals were accomplished through the upgrade program.

“First we increased the satisfaction and loyalty of our existing clients by giving them an upgrade for free,” he said. “Second, we made our server offerings more competitive with the overall marketplace.”

Boca said many hosting providers like to upgrade their packages for new clients, but don’t touch the packages for existing customers. He said this was counter-productive.

“We’re just as concerned with keeping current customers happy as we are with attracting new ones,” he said.

The third quarter of 2008 has seen a huge surge in SingleHop product offerings including:

  • the IPCast Pay-As-You-Go Content Delivery Network
  • the announcement of LEAP, the server manager webtop client portal
  • the company’s free 2GB RAM upgrade for existing clients
  • the release of Advanced Automatic Server Provisioning (AASP), a technology exclusive to SingleHop and LEAP, which drastically increases server installation time as well as reduces human error. Additionally LEAP features SingleHop’s exclusive IP ensure technology, which guarantees that clients will only receive clean IP addresses.

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