LifeSize Communications has unveiled what it describes as the next generation in video communications – a full HD telepresence solution.

The system provides life-size images and HD audio for as many as six participants at one time.

Equipped with multiple camera inputs and dual monitors, it offers standards-based 1080p at 30 frames per second and 720p at 60 frames per second.

LifeSize Room 200 also supports 720p30 dual streams enabling full-motion, high definition data sharing.

The company claims that with twice the frame rate and half the latency of other HD systems, its new system delivers a communications experience rivaled only by being there in person.

Craig Malloy, CEO and founder, LifeSize Communications, said Room 200 unlocked the power of telepresence for knowledge workers everywhere.

The system is already being used by companies such as Reliance Industries Limited and The Blackstone Group.

“Now more than ever in today’s economic climate customers are viewing high definition video as a critical lever to help them stay competitive, bridge their globally dispersed work groups, and reduce expenses, “ he said.

Roopam Jain, principal analyst at Frost & Sullivan, said LifeSize Room 200 was the industry’s first shipping 1080p30/720p60 Full HD offering.

LifeSize Room 200 is now available for order with volume availability in early November 2008.

Prices are expected to be around USD $17,000.

For companies looking to cut their travel expenses, the idea of HD teleconferencing must look increasingly attractive.

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