The phone bill can shoot up to a hefty amount when you are travelling abroad due to steep call roaming charges. However, there is now an app that lightens this financial load for iOS and Android mobile device users. Roamer is a new app for iOS and Android that saves users call forwarding bills abroad by up to 90%.

Roamer allows call forwarding so you can receive and make calls with the app anywhere in the world. The app simply forwards a user's regular number to a local SIM card at their destination. Once at the destination, the user can be able to call their home country or elsewhere abroad using their regular caller ID. As for local calls, the local SIM suffices.

Using local cellular networks means the Roamer app-based calls are high quality. You have to pay native rates, though, to make calls.

The app is available on the App Store and Google Play as a free download. Roaming credits are available in packages of $13, $16, $39, and $65. The company has promised to release BlackBerry and Windows Phone versions soon.

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