The heat in the file sharing and sync space just went a few degrees higher as ownCloud made a move towards reassuring enterprise buyers of the security and reliability of its open source software, and satisfying the simplicity and convenience of end-users' needs.

ownCloud is set to launch an updated Enterprise Edition next month. According to the software firm, the nearly one million users will be receiving an update they can deploy fully on-premises.

Among the new additions and capabilities of this latest ownCloud EE are integration of home directory via CIFS/SMB or NFS, provisioning API, LDAP and AD integration, and AES encryption for data at rest. In short, there is integrating into existing governance processes, user directories, storage, monitoring, back-up, and security tools. Users can also get access to file sharing, file versioning, and external file system mounts by acquiring plug-in apps.

ownCloud stored content can be accessed via mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, desktop syncing apps for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux, as well as through a web browser. As of July, the update is available at the official ownCloud website at a monthly cost of $15 for an annual subscription, the users being a minimum of 50.

This move comes at a time when the file sync'n'share world is having escalated activity from the likes of Box and EMC. Box is adding glamorous speakers for its September BoxWorks customer event and EMC is revving up Syncplicity.

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