Australasian network service provider Telstra is extending IPv6 connectivity to even more of its business customers. The company's business ADSL solutions are now offered with support for Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6), the next generation of internet addresses.

With the world facing an impending shortage of current IPv4 addresses, IPv6 provides the much needed new and longer IP addresses.

The IPv6 support has been deployed into the core Telstra network. Telstra has actually dual stacked the two addressing systems: IPv4 and IPv6. The implication of this on the company's small and medium business ADSL customers is that they can opt into IPv6 connectivity when they want to. This will only be affected by the lifecycle upgrade of their equipment.

David Robertson, the Director of Transport and Routing Engineering, said that IPv6 will become the norm in coming years, and the company will be working directly with customers who wish to change from IPv4 connectivity now to assist them with the transition.

Telstra remains one of the region's first network service providers to realize the potential of IPv6 integration in key Data and Next IP Solutions for the enterprise and business market, and therefore invest.

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