Mike Storella, director of business development at VoIP phone maker snom, believes unified communications is the strongest segment in the communications industry.

As customers look to become leaner and meaner, he stresses the advantages offered by wireless technology, such as WiFi, saying he feels it should be "everywhere".

"Our latest snom VoIP Desk phone 8xx series all do WiFi, I don’t know the percentages but it is drastically less expensive to deploy an all WiFi office eliminating cat5 cable runs and increased Ethernet switch deployments," he said.

Headquartered in Germany, snom has a range of eight VoIP business phones and is a worldwide provider. It works with any platform that uses the SIP protocols for VoIP.

In an interview with TMCnet, Storella said the company has learnt that ROI "rules the day" for customers to make a positive choice to buy a replacement solution for their voice communications.

He said the economic situation hasn’t affected the company’s decisions to invest in markets and products.

"Times might be tough, but it is no time to lose faith that your products solve problems and needs for customers as they try to compete better in their business," he said.

"If our products do what we say they do, customers need them to increase their productivity."

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