TELES has launched a new 8 BRI port VoIP Gateway.

The Berlin-based next generation networks and access gateway vendor said the product has been designed to meet demand for a high density, high performance solution for connecting enterprises to public telephony.

Avi Ben Shlush, product marketing director at TELES, said the new product will allow VoIP service providers and system integrators to can offer a broader range of customers a straightforward migration path to VoIP – without having to sacrifice existing investment in PBX infrastructure.

He said that as well as contributing to a substantial reduction in operating costs, the TELES VoIPBOX BRI also provides enhanced functionality.

This includes:

  • an integrated, feature-rich IP PBX-in-a-box
  • advanced LCR functionality with AOC generation
  • SRTP protocol support
  • multiple media handling features

Shlush said the VoIPBOX BRI is designed for a smooth and fast installation and is provided with an intuitive installation wizard for increased productivity.

He said a comprehensive set of management tools allow customers to provision and operate small to large installations from a single location using either a web-based management tool or TELES NMS.

"The implementation of TELES VoIPBOX BRI together with our C5 Business Trunking and IP Centrex products also enables our customers to offer a fully integrated solution from a single vendor," he said.

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