Billing can be a complicated process for VoIP service providers and calling card operators – especially if they want to diversify and offer more than one service.

In some cases customers end up receiving separate bills or a third system has to be used to generate them.

Now Ipsmarx Technology is offering a solution which it claims streamlines the billing process.

Called Unified Customer Management (UCM) it enables service providers to offer calling card, PINless dialing, IP phone, and video over IP services to the same customer and provide only one bill for all the services.

It also makes life easier for end users, who get the convenience of signing up for each service using one web interface.

Carrie Fedders, account manager with IPsmarx, told that if a service provider does not have an all-in-one solution, they may have one system that manages their calling card platform and another system that manages their VoIP business.

"Then, they cannot send only one bill to their customer or they have to generate the bill using a 3rd system, while pulling information from their calling card and VoIP systems, so it can be quite complicated," she said.

With the IPsmarx package billing feature, service providers can decide to bill for all services on a per minute or flat rate basis as well as create selling packages, or "bundles", for different services.

Fedders said the UCM solution streamlines the billing process and gives operators the ability to offer a complete suite of VoIP and calling card services to their end users.

This in turn has the potential to increase revenue for operators, which are increasingly looking to diversify their services.

So an operator with an established client base who are making international calls could can capitalize on this by offering additional long distance services and increase their market share.

"A calling card company can now add VoIP service, for example, and advertise it to their calling card users, in order to increase their usage and call volume, thus generating another revenue stream," she said.

"Also, operators avoid the expense of multiple systems and 3rd party billing/invoicing software."

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