Skype president Josh Silverman’s invitation to appear as a guest on ‘Oprah’ may not come as much of a surprise to fans of the show.

The VoIP giant has already been featured on the program and Oprah Winfrey often uses it for interviews.

But while Oprah is well known for promoting Skype, Kindle and Twitter, she doesn’t usually give over whole shows to them.

What was the excuse for Thursday’s episode-long commercial for Skype?

Josh Silverman Skype President

Well the show was billed as an opportunity to discuss the features the technology offers to its subscribers.

Titled "Where the Skype Are You?", it features people calling in from exotic locations around the world, with video chats on an airplane, a submarine, Antarctica, and London’s Harrods department store.

It might have been interesting to have included a slot discussing Skype’s troubled relationship with eBay, would it not?

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