A new app is offering iPhone users a way of making Skype calls using 3G by turning outgoing calls into incoming ones.

Appropriately called Incoming, it connects to any landline or mobile phone over Edge, 3G, and WiFi – whereas the official Skype for iPhone app is limited to WiFi.

Calls made on the iPhone using the Incoming app are routed through a user’s home PC’s Skype software and turned into an incoming call.

This means users don’t eat into wireless dialplan minutes if they have unlimited inbound minutes.

There’s obviously a cost if SkypeOut credits are required but that can be limited by signing up for one of Skype’s unlimited call plans.

How it works:
1. Open the Incoming app and enter a phone number and press CALL.
2. Receive an incoming call, once answered, the dialled number is called
3. Wait to be connected

The app costs USD $4.99 on the iTunes store.

Other features include:

  • Make a visual favorites list for fast dialing.
  • Access contacts from your address book.
  • Conference Calling supporting up to nine callers.
  • International Calling

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