Cambium Networks, a worldwide broadband provider released the C3 VoIP-150 – a new analog telephone adaptor (ATA) that connects analogue telephones to digital VoIP telephone system.

Any service provider that is currently using the PMP 450 and ePMP is able to integrate the new hardware seamlessly on their network. They are able to offer their subscribers new VoIP services as well as create new revenue streams. 

Kevin Grace, co-founder and CTO of Nextlink Broadband indicated that the company, which is a long term client of the Cambium Network, is thrilled to offer their users high quality services through the C3 VoIP-150 technology. This is poised to improve the customer’s experience and allow clients to continue using their phones to offer the advanced services.

Kevin also indicated that the company is pleased to invest in Cambium Networks since this will help them to reach more customers as well as grow the business organically. The C3 VoIP-150 is Cambium Network’s first ATA. The broadband solution’s specifications assure clients of superior end user experience that is field proven.

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