This Samsung 105-incher has been named as the world’s first UHD TV. It is Samsung’s flagship curved panel that was launched during the CES 2014. Just like the LG 105UC9 that was also launched at the event, it also features a wide screen that is identical to the now-defunct Philips 21:9 TV.

The new Samsung TV features 21:9 aspect ratios that can only be compared with films that have been shot with the Cinemascope format. The TV takes full advantage of the screen space that gets rid of the letterbox bars which are quite visible on the normal widescreen TVs. Users are also able to multitask thanks to the screen split function.

The design of the new curved TV has incorporated both retro and modern elements. It features a thin bezel as well as a chrome hue low profile pedestal. It has a wooden, clutter free backing behind the TV. It is tilted outwards in order to optimize the low TV console’s viewing angle together with wall mounting brackets.

The Tv also features a one connect media hub containing HDMI 2.0, MHL 3.0 and HEVC that foresees the integration of 4K broadcasts, 4K mobile devices as well as 4K blue ray disks. The TV also has an enhanced quod quo processor that promises instant power on as compared with other smart TVs. The set also has an updated remote with better video playback buttons and enhanced ergonomics.

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