For the establishment of its Melbourne Headquarters that will be its technical APAC center, Tintri Zero Management Storage, a Californian based company, has decided to set up office in Australia as it acts on its intention to get into the Australian market. It has chosen Melbourne as the most strategic place to set up its office as it strengthens its operations in the Asia – Pacific (APAC) region.

As the technical hub for the region, the office will run the channel management, marketing, sales and pre sales engineering sections of the company in the area.

Peter Molloy, Tintri’s vice president stated that the strategic choice of Melbourne as the location for their local office was based on the city’s good history of hosting beginner IT business enterprises.

He said that the good number of big organizations based in the city had a chance of gaining from disruptive technology that comes from strong innovation and adoption of new technologies which thrive in Melbourne city.According to him, transportation of product in the city will be easy and simple due to the effective and efficient freight and distribution system the city.

The 30 high – value ICT jobs that Tintri will be creating by the move to set up office in the state of Victoria will go a play an appreciated part of growing and developing the industry in the state.

The Victoria Coalition Government is in full support of the move and Gordon Rich-Phillips, the Minister for Technology commended Tintri’s move into the state of Victoria which has a diverse ICT environment, stating that Tintri’s storage platforms would be beneficial to the various big organizations in the state.

Tintri has created a unique storage model known as the VM store which it claims maximizes storage for virtualized and cloud environments. This chief product is made with their innovative VM-Aware Storage architecture which is said to have the intelligence to maximize storage though understanding virtual machines.

The company is said to have doubled its customer base worldwide having concluded the year 2013 with a 115% growth. Tintri intends to raise capital through an IPO in 2015 to increase their global investment.

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