Voip-Pal has indicated that its patent application Mobile Gateway has been approved by the US Patent and Trademark Office. Getting an allowance means that the application for Mobile Gateway patent has been closed. It’s issuance as a patent has also been allowed.

The Chairman and CEO of VoIP-Pal, Dr. Thomas Sawyer indicated that the company now has adequate technology to comply with most government telephony regulations. This is in addition to prior allowances of Routing, Billing and Rating, Enhanced 911 as well as Lawful Intercept (LI).

Mobile gateway is a revolutionary technology in telephony. International rates can now be lowered to local charges. This provides a lot of benefits to the customers. The VoIP-Pal's patent portfolio can also be incorporated to existing VoIP systems. The company can now act as a regulated telecommunications operator. The patent capabilities are as a result of large investments in research and development efforts that were started over 10 years ago. It also places VoIP-Pal as a leader in the VoIP telephony.

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