CNET has learned that LG is preparing for its first smartphone with a curved display. Even though plans are still underway, it is believed that LG will go for the name G Flex for its curved smartphone according to reliable sources. The 6 inch display smartphone is slated to be unveiled in November.

Details of the G Flex are emerging at a time when Samsung is set to unveil its own curved display smartphone. Samsung’s device as well as a Galaxy Note 3 curved version is slated to be unveiled latter this month.

Jessica Dolcourt, CNET senor editor explains that the flexible display does not mean that the phone will be able to bend or flex. Rather, it will have a curved, but stationary display. The curve is just perfect to fit around your face.

LG first touted its technology through a press release in May when it launched a curved 55-inch OLED TV panel as well as a 5-inch plastic OLED panel. LG will have a busy month just after releasing its flagship G2 smartphone.

An LG built Nexus 5 is also set to be unveiled by Google in the next several weeks. Its predecessor, Nexus 4 created a buzz for LG. The new G2 is said to have a more powerful and speedy processor. The G Flex is poised to generate more hype for LG.

Image: Technology Tell

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