Sharp's spokesperson has indicated that there has been a $500 reduction on its price. The 70-inch Ultra High-Definition TV has not been released yet. However, its new retail price tag is set at $7,499, down from $7,999. Its new unilateral retail tag also has a $2000 and it is now set at $5,999.

Previously, Sharp had indicated that there will be an adjustment of the UPP from $7,999 to $6,999. A further $1,000 has been reduced on the UPP which now stands at $5,999.

The UPP represents the lowest minimum price that Sharp allows retailers to sell its products. There will be a national retail launch on September 15th in various Sharp retail stores. The company is also collaborating with Amazon, major regional retailers as well as other national specialty retailers.

The Sharp Aquos Ultra LC-70UD1U is set to be the first THX-4K-certified display in the world. Its key features include built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, Flash-enabled browser, LED-backlighting Sharp’s Remote Control, and 3,840 by 2,160 Ultra HD resolutions. It will also feature Sharp’s proprietary DuoBass audio technology.

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