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Samsung announced that it commenced the industry’s first volume production of 3-bit, multi-level-cell NAND flash chips using 30-nm-class process technology at the end of November.

The chips will be used in NAND flash modules accompanied by Samsung 3-bit NAND controllers to initially produce 8 GB microSD cards.

The company also announced other NAND advancements – the industry’s first mass production of its 30-nm-class, 32 Gb, MLC NAND memory with an asynchronous DDR interface.

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Hyperstone has introduced a new F4 Flash Memory Controller for high performance CompactFlash Cards(CFC) and Solid State Disks(SSD), writes Vanitha Vaidialingam for
The memory controllers are intended for embedding into firmware to provide high reliability, endurance and rigorous fail safe features for Single Level Cell(SLC) and Multi Level Cell(MLC) based Flash Memory Solutions.

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