Aiko Solutions has announced the public release of SecuWipe, a data erasure utility for PDAs and smartphones.

Concerns over smartphone security have been rising steadily, not least because of the handsets’ great capacity for storing large amounts of corporate and personal information.

Standard “deletion” and even a “hard reset” do not completely wipe data off the device, with the result that sensitive information can still be easily retrieved by using special recovery software.

Aiko is claiming an industry first by offering software that overwrites data with US DoD (Department of Defense) compliant methods and makes data truly erased and unrecoverable.

The security software developer says SecuWipe is an advanced software utility to securely sanitize data on Windows Mobile Pocket PCs, Smartphones and Windows CE handhelds.

It says the solution can be used to clean the Smartphone before recycling or to remove traces of online activity, SMS and calls records.

“SecuWipe is the best choice for those who want to avoid security breaches and protect customer privacy,” according to a statement from the company.

The program employs different data sanitizing algorithms, including zero-filling, U.S. DoD 5220.22-M method, Bruce Schneier’s algorithm, and Peter Gutman’s algorithm.

SecuWipe will securely erase:

  • Contacts
  • Email, SMS, MMS messages
  • Calls
  • Appointments, Tasks
  • Notes, Recordings
  • Internet Cache, Cookies and History
  • Free Space
  • SD card(s)
  • Files and Folders

SecuWipe is available as a demo version at no cost, and it can be downloaded. A single-user license can be securely purchased online for USD $39.95. Volume and academic pricing is available upon request.

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