Cloud computing has significantly eased hosting and running of applications. Now developers can house their applications thanks to Joe Arnold, the chief technology officer at Engine Yard. Over the past decade, he has witnessed a shift towards building software that runs across numerous severs. He asserts that now developers are using completely different storage spaces.

Engine Yard plunged into the cloud storage service through Amazon when it launched Simple Storage System, which is also known as S3. The S3 provides more speed and scalability through stripping away of traditional storage characteristics such as style of organization and hierarchical file folder. It is now a great and highly popular way of storing static content such as images and videos.

Disney interactive is the latest addition to cloud computing. The web properties and video game division revealed that it had built a private cloud. This cloud is made through open source technologies such as swift. Disney is not making use of the entire OpenStack in its cloud. It is making use of CloudStack – an open source Amazon alternative.

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