Samsung has released a variant of the Galaxy Note that is the world’s first smartphone with a curved display. Curved displays are poised to bring Samsung closer to achieving wearable devices with unbreakable and flexible screens.

This comes in the frontline of Samsung’s innovations war with LG electronics and Apple. Samsung is seeking to expand its lead in the market for high end smartphones.

The smartphone will have a 5.7-inch display and also has a horizontal curve. It has a comfortable grip as compared to other flat screen models and also weighs less than the Galaxy note 3.

Key features on this smartphone include a tilt function which allows users to check various information including missed calls as well as battery life when the home screen is off. The users are also able to browse through various media files by pressing the right or left sides of the screen.

Curved displays are opening up possibilities for the creation of bendable designs, which might revolutionize the high end smartphone market.

Competition amongst Samsung and LG electronics is heating up with the announcement that LG is launching a smartphone with vertical curved display in early November. LG chem. Ltd, its component affiliate is poised to start production of a curved battery for the device.

Technology analysts also indicate that Apple is planning to launch a smartphone with a curved screen.

The new Samsung smartphone will be available in South Korea and a decision to release it on other markets is yet to be made.

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