Egnyte, an online storage company, has formulated plans to beef up its security as it seeks to position itself as a cloud player that can ease privacy anxieties attributed to the US government’s online surveillance program.

The Mountain View Company, which prides itself from raising $33 million from venture capitalists such as Kleiner Perkins and Google ventures, is set to announce five additions to its advisory board on Wednesday. It is taping the tech executives from marketing giant Y&R, biopharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, security firm Sophos and elsewhere.

Egnyte provides cloud storage as well as collaboration tools for businesses and competes with firms such as SugarSync,  and DropBox.

Late last month, Egnyte announced a new product dubbed Storage Connect that will allow businesses to access data on different levels of sensitivity and in various physical locations through one user interface.

The company is also set to unveil its prism prevention program on the same day that will allow businesses to detect when their employees make use of insecure file sharing programs that could enlist government monitoring.

Vineet Jain, the chief executive officer of Egnyte has intimated that cloud is overhyped and many corporations will certainly relocate some of their data from behind the corporate firewalls into remote servers.

Most companies deal with data dichotomy by setting up and managing different systems for different types of information through different vendors. However, Egnyte that was formed in 2007 has developed an on-premise storage service as well as a hybrid cloud.

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