An intercom device for your home or small office has been built by two German companies. This system will give you an opportunity to talk to a visitor to your front door through your iPad, iPhone or android device.

The device which has been dubbed “myintercom One,” kicks in whenever a visitor on your front door rings the bell. You will get an instant notification when the visitor pushes the button and you can then commence a video chat with him or her. This device also gives the user the ability to open the door. The user can chat with the visitor from anywhere, either at home, office or while driving.

Through an app, the system provides you with the visitor’s history. This includes the last 20 incidents of people ringing your door bell, along with a picture, the date and time of the visit. The app runs on 4G, 3G, WLAN and can also be integrated with other automation subsystems in your home or office. 

The device which has been produced in Germany comes in four colors and is enclosed in a water resistant metal box. It has a HDTV camera module, a ring button, speaker, microphone and an LED lighting circle.

The data and switch signals are encrypted and support up to eight mobile devices in various languages including English, German, Spanish and French.  Users can also buy two wire modules as add-ons in order to transmit power and data via VOIP, add-on camera or a card reader.

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