Amazon Web Services has extended IP configurability across its virtual private cloud technology hence giving developers more control over how they configure IP addresses for rented virtual machines within the cloud.

Announced last week on Wednesday, this advance means that admins now have greater IP allocation options in the premier cloud technology. They can choose whether to allocate public IP addresses to rented virtual machines when instances are deployed in their default Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) subnet or not. It also means they are allowed to give instances in non-default subnets public IPs preceding launch.

Amazon's Management Console supports this public IP feature, so GUI aficionados will be granted access to the features during the instance creation wizard via tickboxes.

The capabilities of these changes bring with them potential uses in isolation of apps from each other through separate subnet placement, for example, and allocation of a separate public IP to each in order to feed out separately to the Internet.

With all VM instances functioning within a VPC, developers are getting a more controllable network substrate and – theoretically – an easier-to-handle security model. The changes come as the company is in the process of elevating VPC to the default AWS environment. This makes the default operating environment for every new elastic compute (EC2) instance a private network.

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