According to a report published by USA TODAY, many analysts are skeptical that the iPhone 5c will have huge sales in the emerging markets. Just a day after the release of the high-end iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c (the cheaper one of the two), analysts are still concerned with the iPhone 5c retail prices. Without a contract, the phone is set to sell at $549 and $99 with a two-year contract.

This Wednesday, Apple shares finished at $467.71, $26.93 down, amidst fears that the tech company might have placed a  very high cost on iPhone 5c, hence failing to capture the emerging markets. Michael Walkley, an analyst at Canaccord says that while the specifications of the 5c and 5s did not fall far from expectations, the price of the 5c was too far from what he expected.

In recent years, Apple has lost ground to Samsung, Huawel and other android supported handsets that sell at cheaper prices and still offer ideal smartphone features. This concept is ideally true in emerging markets , especially in developing countries where use of smartphones is quickly becoming the norm. It is without a doubt that the iPhone 5c was specifically designed and manufactured to appeal to people in the emerging markets. However, with such a high price, we can only wait and see what fate has in store for the beautiful, features ladened phone.

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