Tech giants Samsung and LG are at their usual sparring again. As expected, Samsung was not one to trail behind LG for long in terms of its curved OLED debut in Europe.

As of yesterday, anyone in Germany, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Belgium, Austria or Switzerland can now take home the 55-inch flawless curved OLED screen for only 7,999 Euros. This is about $10,697 and a full grand less than the similarly-sized though not flat display recently launched by LG.

Samsung Electronics is aiming for a full-scale market penetration of its premium TV. The OLED TV boasts a state-of-the-art performance and perfect picture quality, so it will be bringing both future HDTV technology and artistic flair to consumers. The product is set to be launched at major electronics consumer events across Europe, one of the most prominent being the Trade IFA 2013 held in Berlin, Germany.

As the Samsung screen hits the stores, it should give LG a fair running for its domination with its 55-inch OLED TV.

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