Microsoft has already announced that Windows Phone owners should expect another update on their smartphones, the Windows Phone 7.8 update.

Although every update is received with satisfaction, this time was rather different. Windows Phone owners were not happy when they heard that their current Windows Phone 7 smartphones won't be updated to Windows Phone 8. Microsoft sees Windows Phone 8 as part of the whole Windows 8 change and sadly for current Windows Phone owners, it couldn't be done on their existing smartphones. Windows Phone 7.8 update will contain some new features, but unfortunately it won't be like the Windows Phone 8 update.

According to a French document that leaked at the Internet, Windows Phone 7.8 will lack the following features, comparing to Windows Phone 8:

– Windows Phone Wallet
– Internet Explorer 10
– Real Multitasking
– Device Management
– MicroSD card support
– Secure boot and encryption
– Multi-core processor support

Nokia did not comment on whether the document is correct, although the French blog "Smartphone France" claims it as authentic.

Even though we are not totally sure of the document's authenticity, we do know that current Windows Phone owners will feel "betrayed" by Microsoft, since their relatively new smartphones will become obsolete sooner or later. Buying a smartphone just a few months ago and being obliged to leave it does not seem the ideal situation for any customer. Although Microsoft does plan something bigger, they still know that they need to win the current Windows Phone owners.

Windows Phone 8 handsets are expected to arrive in the following months, with Nokia collaborating with Microsoft once again. The fact that the new iPhone arrives in the mid-September raises the competition even more, with Microsoft being aware that Windows 8 should make the difference. It's their chance to prove they can make it big in smartphones, too!

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