We live in a digital era where surfing on the Internet and checking for emails and any new notifications has become a never-ending habit. Even though we are not expecting a message, we feel "obliged" to check our smartphone.

Time's Techland has conducted a big survey among 5,000 Americans, Chinese, Indians, South Koreans, Brazilians and South Africans and found out that we are indeed significantly addicted to our smartphones. According to the respondents of the poll:

– 84% wouldn't live a day without a smartphone

– 20% check the smartphone every 10 minutes

– 50% of Americans sleep with their smartphone next to them

– 32% prefers to communicate by text message

– 17% checks the smartphone while eating, regardless of the person they are dining with.

– 73% of Indians feel closer to their family with the use of technology

– 79% of Chinese feel better informed about the latest news

– 48% of South Koreans feel that they spend too much time on their smartphones, instead of observing the world

– The average appropriate age for a child to have the first smartphone is considered the 13 years.

The stats above indicate that smartphones have become part of our daily routines and even more, an extension to our life, our work, our social life. We cannot deny that times are changing and that the future will be even more digital. Technology has improved communication and we should embrace it, in order to improve our lives. However, it's up to us to decide the extent that we will use our smartphones, in order to balance our online and offline worlds.

Don't let smartphones and the digital world take over your life. Instead, use them wisely and enjoy all their benefits. They are a lot!

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