Several other high-end HDTV units have come to market over the past year. But none have topped Sony’s Bravia XBR-46X929 in terms of style and ability. And with new models coming to market at year’s end, deal hunters could find one at a greater value than ever before.

Sure, the $2,500 price tag might have discouraged some consumers from stepping up to the plate on this device. But while there may be larger units than Sony’s 46-inch model, none of them marry technology and aesthetic value so completely.

The front of the Bravia XBR-46X929 is a single piece of Gorilla Glass, giving it a seamless, smooth look when hung up on your wall. And at only 1.5 inches wide, it’s barely noticeable, until you want it to be.

And once you turn it on, you’ll truly understand the power of what you’ve purchased. The color is as good as it gets, the unit automatically adjusts the backlight section by section, and the image is smooth as can be, even during scenes of huge action.

The Bravia comes stock with Netflix and 3D capabilities, as well as other huge bonuses such as Amazon Instant Video, YouTube, Hulu Plus, Skype and even digital music services from Pandora. All of those bonuses make the menu system a bit much to manage, but the set will quickly become your only requirement for total home entertainment.

Again, you can certainly find a cheaper 46-inch than the Sony Bravia XBR-46X929, and the remote is a bit clunky and counterintuitive. But if picture quality and a massive amount of applications mean more to you than the temporary pain of shelling out a few extra hundred dollars, you simply won’t find a better HDTV set on the market. At least until Sony releases its next model.

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