Twist is here and can become your favourite iPhone app, if you are usually running late.

Are you among those that are never on time at their meetings with partners and friends? If you lose track of time without even realizing it, there is an iPhone app just for you. Twist is a new iPhone app that was released exactly for this kind of people. By the time you leave home, its algorithms calculate your estimated arrival time, in order to notify your friends. The most interesting part is that the algorithms take into account all the factors that might make you turn up late, such as traffic, transportation, but also your own habits. This means that before calculating your arrival time, it measures all the variables that might affect you, even your tendency to lose track of time.

And just when you feel like you are running late, you can send a message to a list that you will have previously created, in order to tell the app to notify your friends about you being late, letting them know of your arrival time, too.

As Bill Lee, the CEO of the Twist app, told to Mashable:
"At its core, we like to think Twist is the easiest and most accurate way to let people know when you’re going to arrive"

And he continues:  “We’ve really reduced that to a few keystrokes. It’s better than what Google Maps has today and better than what Apple Maps has today.”

Even though there are many fans of Google Maps and Apple Maps, Twist is here to stay and we can predict that it would be useful for many of us out there!

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