Mirror Your iPad on a HDTV

Love all that your iPad has to offer and want to share it with a group in a home theater setting? All of those apps, movies and games look great on the iPad if it’s just you, but if you want everyone at home to enjoy it, you’ve now got options. Mirroring your iPad’s display onto a HDTV is as simple as running it through an adapter. Here’s a quick look at how to get it done.

The most seamless connection will work in conjunction with Apple TV and it’s cutting edge AirPlay technology. If you expect to often connect your iPad to your HDTV, spending the $100 on Apple TV is the best, most seamless method. As long as your iPad 2 or 3 is running iOS 5 or a later version, and your Apple TV is running version 5.0 or later, you’re basically good to go. You’ll link the iPad to the Apple TV through a Wi-Fi network. Then just hop on your iPad, access the AirPlay icon, and connect to the Apple TV with Mirroring turned on.

Although it won’t be quite as elegant, you can link the two through a digital adapter set-up. Pick up a HDMI adapter for around $40, and then drop another $40 for the Apple Digital AV Adapter, which you’ll find in most technology retailers. The adapter plugs into the iPad, and then links to the HDTV with the HDMI cable. If your HDTV doesn’t have that port, you could use a VGA adapter or composite plug-in as an alternative. Just remember that you’ll need the latest iPad and upgraded adapters to make it all work. And you’ll only see video up to 720p with this set-up. But for a cheaper fix, and one you can take with you wherever you go, it’s quite solid.

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