The battle has just started between iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III, or else, between Apple and Samsung. Apple might have won the patent case over Samsung, but Samsung proudly advertises Galaxy S III as the phone that has what iPhone 5 presents as novelties.

It was when Samsung launched the Galaxy series of smartphones that Apple realised that there was a serious opponent there. When Samsung Galaxy S III was released, many tech fans were so excited about it that they even considered replacing the much hyped iPhone. Now that the iPhone 5 has finally been presented by Apple, it is even more obvious that Galaxy S III has nothing to be jealous of the first one. What's more, it might even have more features. That's what Samsung took advantage at their latest ad, in which they compare the features of iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III, using the caption: "The next big thing is already here."

More specifically, the features listed for Galaxy S III in the ad are more than these of the iPhone 5. Galaxy S III seems to win iPhone 5 in terms of RAM, talk time, HD resolution, while it also has NFC technology, which replaces your wallet with your smartphone. They even make fun of Apple's decision to create a new plug for the iPhone 5, by mentioning for Galaxy S III that it has a standard micro USB plug, which gets more convenient when having an older handset. In addition, Samsung mentions Smart Stay, S-Beam, Shareshot, Group Cast, Direct Call, Palm Touch Mute Pause and so many other features.

Even though Apple is still far more popular than Samsung in the mobile market, the future might be more uncertain, now that the monopoly is broken. At least Samsung found a way to question iPhone's superiority. Is Apple finally threatened then? Time will tell.

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