iPhone craze hasn't stopped yet, with every tech fan discussing the announcement of the iPhone 5 and its features. Apple knows very well that this release will significantly boost their annual sales and this is what they are expecting anyway.

However, who would have thought that iPhone 5 could become the fastest selling handset of all time? That's what analysts claim on Bloomberg, estimating that iPhone 5 is expected to sell 58 million units by the end of the year. This could bring a profit of 36.2$ billion for Apple, which is way higher than the initial sales of iPhone 4S, which had sold in the first quarter 37 million units.

What's more, FBR Capital Markets analyst Craig Berger had already estimated that iPhone 5 will sell 250 million handsets in total, increasing Apple's profit by 144$ billion. Although this estimate seems rather optimistic, since it's three times the total revenue of iPhones in the last 5 years, it cannot be ignored. Apple is about to explore the Chinese market even more and due to the size of the market, the estimated 144$ billion profit might not be exaggerating.

On the other hand, there are reviews that were not that positive about iPhone 5, since it has disappointed part of the loyal Apple fans. Apart from this, there is also Samsung that advertises Galaxy S III as a much better smartphone than iPhone 5, which might affect the estimated sales. Apple still dominates the smartphone market and it's time to prove they keep on selling handsets the way they did in the past. If the clients are still consistent in buying every iPhone product, there is no need to worry. All they need is to design the next generation of iPhone.

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