After the iPhone 5 mania the previous week, we now have the iOS 6 mania. Every iPhone user was expecting for this update, hoping that it will boost the performance of their phones.

The update from iOS 5 to iOS 6 was rather smooth for most iPhone holders, since its adoption was fast, comparing to the previous updates.

It is estimated that iOS 6 has been adopted by the 25%-35% of the iPhone holders in just 48 hours. David Smith, a developer of popular apps, measures the adoption of iOS and his data show an adoption of 35.4% for iOS 6, with iOS 5 being still at the top with 71.5%. Apart from Smith, Chitika, which is an iOS ad network, measured the adoption of iOS 6 at 25%, while iOS 5 reached the 21% adoption rate in 21 days.

iOS 6 was a highly anticipated update. It was the time when Apple decided to get rid of Google Maps, Siri has also improved, but what's even more important, iOS 6 is the first update for iPhone that does not require the use of a computer. All you have to do is plug your iPhone in the charge, click on update and leave it do its magic for the next 30 minutes. Your pc is no longer needed when updating your iPhone, which means it is getting easier.

According to the first reviews, the iOS 6 was a positive step for iPhone updates. It might need some improvements, but we didn't expect from a single update to fix everything. As always, there are lovers and haters and iOS 6 was not an exception. We just have to wait and see then how the iPhones perform now, in order to judge after using them extensively.

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