Research In Motion (RIM), the manufacturer of the popular Blackberry phones, has recalled from the market 1,000 copies of the new-released tablet, PlaybBook, because of problems with the operating system that could pose difficulties in the initial installation of the gadget, writes Reuters, citing overseas media.

Even if it didn’t pass so much time from the launching of the BlackBerry tablet, it seems that they have been a little rushed. Although sales were not great in the first days or the PlayBook was not a revelation to most users, the gadget is now available worldwide.

The problem is as follows: RIM factory called back about 1,000 tablets that would have some problems that cannot be solved with a simple firmware update. Through a press release in which are filled the series of all the 935 damaged BlackBerry PlayBook, RIM has defined very well the extent of the problem.

Even so, BlackBerry phone manufacturer announced in a statement posted on that the most affected devices were in stores and have not yet reached the customers. "The company is working to remedy the defects," said RIM.

According to information published in the weekend by Engadget, the damaged tablets were distributed through the network of Staples stores.

RIM is facing major challenges to maintain its market share, after the strong competition from Apple and Android devices. The new PlayBook tablet would have to alleviate the competitive pressure, but the gadget has been coolly received by the analysts in this field.

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