LTE smartphones have become a necessity in today’s society and there are different brands and varieties that emerge every day. However large the smartphone pool is, many people are looking for a smartphone that won’t break their banks. There are smartphones that are both economical and at the same time have phenomenal features. Two of these are the Huawei Kestrel and the Nokia Lumia 635.

Having just been launched recently, the Nokia Lumia 635 and Huawei–made Kestrel are powered by Qualcomm’s quad-core Snapdragon that runs at 1.2 GHz. The main objective of using the Snapdragon, which was launched June last year, was to reduce the overall cost of the LTE smartphones. The Huawei Kestrel phone has a screen resolution of 960×540 pixels while the Nokia Lumia has an 854×480 pixel resolution.

Just like the almost similar processor and screen resolution, the weight of the two phones is almost similar, too. The Nokia Lumia weighs 134 grams while the Kestrel weighs 145 grams. On the other hand the Kestrel measures 131×65.3×7.85 millimeters while the Nokia Lumia 129.5×66.7×9.2 millimeters. The integrated storage in both phones is 8GB but have external microSD card slot . The Kestrel has a 1GB RAM while the Nokia Lumia has a 512 MB RAM. An added advantage to the Nokia Lumia 635 is its 7GB online storage.

Camera wise, the two smartphones have a 5 megapixel camera and video at 720p and 30 frames. The Huawei Kestrel also has an additional 1 megapixel  camera at the back. The two phones also have additional applications installed that help to enhance the phone’s camera. The Huawei Kestrel will be available from the end of April and will retail at $160 while the Nokia Lumia while be available during summer and will retail at $189 without taxes.

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