Velocity VoIP has recently launched a VoIP Portal that is said to facilitate easy access to all the services that Velocity offers to its customers. Velocity, being a major provider of hosted VoIP switching and billing solutions for most VoIP services providers, has just brought their services closer to their customers.

According to Velocity, the main reason as to why they came about with the portal is to enable their customers have access to the services they offer them and make it easier for them to manage their accounts. These latest VoIP addition has a number of benefits in the telecommunication sector.

To begin with this service allows one to find numbers within the United States and 58 different countries in no time. This is the live provisioning DIDs. Secondly, the VoIP Portal gives one the ability to port in different international carriers and submitting the information electronically as you receive status updates as the numbers are processed. This is termed as the automated LNP Process. The other advantage of this new VoIP Portal is it’s easy to use AIP for all features, including the integration and linking of your website to streamline the new accounts and customers.

Velocity, which was founded in 2005, has aims to provide the best field for their customers to prosper and at the same time compete in a more advanced and manageable environment.

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