Whatever the outcome of the Obama-McCain contest, the unprecedented level of mobile US election coverage is expected to do much to introduce mainstream consumers to mobile content.

Media companies and mobile operators have teamed up to offer extensive coverage of the US presidential election results direct to mobile phones.

The hope is that huge numbers of people unfamiliar to the world of mobile content will continue using it long after election day.

News, analysis and results will be available across a wide range of operating platforms.

For Microsoft Windows Mobile-enabled phones, NewsGator Technologies is providing content from WashingtonPost.com and Newsweek to wireless users via its free Campaign Tracker app.

iPhone users can receive a mobile version of online magazine Slate.com’s Election Scorecard thanks to its partnership with Seattle’s Chimp Software, which is offering a downloadable version of its interactive polling application for the Apple handsets.

Google is offering an array of elections-based mobile offerings, including a mobile election site with links to election-related news, mobile YouTube channels from both John McCain and Barack Obama and links to search results for both candidates that eliminate the need to type in names for every search.

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