LG has announced the launch its new laser-focus enabled 3G smartphone during the global launch event held in London. This laser-auto-focus technology enables the camera an Android-powered device to focus even in dimly lit areas and to also quickly capture moving objects. LG3’s laser auto focus feature enables the device to focus in 0.276 of a second.

This innovation has been highly praised by technology experts though they have also pointed out that the global sales ranking of the firm will be limited. Commending LG for this innovation, from telecoms consultancy CCS Insight, Jasdeep Badyal said that it has become difficult to identify handsets from their looks; thus it is important that firms come up with devices with unique features that will make it easy for the consumers to describe what they want.

The retailer can also explain to the consumer what makes the given device different from the others. Badyal also added that LG better be prepared for Apple, Sony and Samsung as they have bigger marketing budgets thus making LG’s battle harder.

According to Gartner, the tech research firm, LG doubled its smartphone sales after increasing its sales from 2.6 million in 2012 to 4.6 million smartphones in 2013. The company’s smartphone market share, however, only rose by 1% from 3.8% within the same period, placing it in the fourth position behind Apple, Samsung, and Huawei.

Laser-focus enabled G3 has a 14 cm screen incorporated with 538 pixels per inch. This gives it a higher and bigger resolution as compared to its predecessors, the G2 and Samsung’s S5.

LG confirmed that the phone’s quad HD screen offers just as much detail as a high quality art book and assured that the necessary measures have been taken to limit added toll that this feature would have on the battery life.

Due to LG3’s ability to accurately focus in low light, many in the industry look at it as the game changer in the mobile phone photography. Its ability could be compared with that of the laser based speed trap normally used by the police.

The other feature include its capacity to trigger a photo just by making a hand gesture at the phone. This makes it the ideal device to take “selfies”.

However, it will face significant competition from Huawei for this accolade. Huawei’s P7 handset that was unveiled last month has a front camera of 8MP, significantly higher compared to LG’s machine which is 2.1MP.

All in all, the launch of the new G3 smartphone is a positive step towards giving LG more competition power in the highly competitive industry.

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