Not more than 48 hours ago, Apple announced the introduction of the much awaited iOS 8, which comes with a number of improvements. Interesting to note is the Enterprise that is build on the new IT model that has significantly improved the way users are informed on how their devices are managed, configured and restricted.

Stronger Security

Even more interesting to note is the fact that iOS 8 comes with an upgraded and even more powerful Enterprise-grade security. Apple has expanded data protection to more apps and upgraded their mail encryption technology, too.

In addition to third-party apps and mail protection, iOS 8 now also offers passcode protection to other apps like Contacts, Reminders, Notes, Calendar, and Messages.

Users can also opt to use the S/MIME feature to encrypt and sign individual messages. This in turn ensures greater mail messages security.

New Productivity and Time Saving Features

With iOS 8, users can create and save automatic email replies that help save time. They can also manage busy inboxes by flagging messages, marking them as unread or read for better organization. Users can also designate certain mails as VIP so that they are sent directly to the VIP box for priority purposes. It is also possible to set the mailbox to mark external addresses in red for security purposes.

Using the calendar, users can also view meeting availability of their colleagues and friends. The calendar is able to show our friends availability and when setting a meeting, we can therefore put it in a time that is most convenient to everyone.

iOS 8 also gives us the power to push PDF, iBooks, and ePub documents to user devices using MDM (mobile device management) tools. We can also remove the materials remotely when you no longer need them.

Finally, with iOS 8 we can wirelessly connect our iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch to Apple TV (peer-to-peer connection), without having to first connect to the organization’s network. This then means that we can share or present our work even when offline.

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