It is the tradition in the tech industry for companies to hype new releases on YouTube. According to one such YouTube video, Amazon is set to release an unidentified device this Wednesday, June 18th.

According to 2013 reports from the Wall Street Journal, Amazon will be releasing a smartphone that has the capability to display 3D images. The user will not have to wear the special glasses characteristic of 3D displays.

The report quoted anonymous sources familiar with the product who stated that the smartphone display will use retina-tracking technology. This will give users images that seem to float on the screen, just like a hologram. You will be able to view the images from all angles in three-dimensions.

In the video, you see people looking in awe at the product that is outside its frame. One person is heard saying, “It moved with me!”

The release of the teaser led to speculations that the tech giant is set to release a smartphone that will allow it to compete with other tech giants like Google and Apple. These tech giants have been competing in many fronts and it is not surprising that Amazon will want a piece of the lucrative smartphone industry.

According to May 2014 reports by BGR, the new Amazon smartphone is expected to respond to the movements of the user such that it changes the info displayed when tilted from one side to the next.

Amazon has not acknowledged the launch, but neither have they denied it.

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