iPhone is leading the smartphone market in terms of sales, but smartphone users can also be divided by income: a study conducted by prospermobile.com, shows that the brand of mobile phones most used by the rich is BlackBerry. The study was conducted in June 2011 by interviewing 25,000 respondents.

According to the study, the BlackBerry is the most used smartphone among users with incomes over $ 150,000 per year. 11.3% of the richest Americans own a BlackBerry, while only 10.9% of them have an iPhone and only 7.2% have an Android smartphone.

Moreover, the ranking is also the same for users which have income ranging between 100,000 and 149,000 dollars per year. 21.2% of them are using BlackBerry, 19.1% of them use Apple’s iPhone and only 15.8% use a smartphone running on Android OS.

Interestingly, iPhone starts to lead the ranking of the most commonly used smartphones among users with an annual income between $ 75,000 and $ 99,000. 20% of them use Apple's terminal, while the BlackBerry smartphone is used by only 18.7% of users in this group.

Android handsets, which are not so popular among wealthy users, seem to be the preferred choice of those with incomes ranging between 35,000 and 49,000 dollars a year.

The study also shows that BlackBerry users are generally professionals, businessmen or managers and they are not active users of online applications or multimedia content. Only 59.5% of them are downloading applications, while the percentage among iPhone users is up to 85.

Anyway, this study gets public even before the launch of the iPhone 5, which, according to the latest rumors, will be held in Cupertino, not in San Francisco as happened with the previous generations if iPhones and iPads. The launch will be live on internet, on the Apple’s official website, on Tuesday, October 4.

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