Apple is about to launch this year two new smartphones – iPhone 4S and the new generation iPhone 5, said Mark Moskowitz, an analyst at JP Morgan. According to his sources, iPad 3’s launch would be postponed to 2012.

Moskowitz said, in a statement quoted by Techspot, the new iPhone 5 will be thinner and lighter than the previous models. Among other things, iPhone 5 will have an 8-megapixel camera and will support CDMA and GSM, but not DNLA.

However, the analyst’s statements come to confirm previous announcements made by the most important technology magazines. According to TechRadar, iPhone 5 will be launched in Europe, on October 15 within the Orange network. The new smartphone would include iCloud technology that allows user to store online music, movies and other files. In addition, the new iPhone 5 is expected to be charged wirelessly.

Regarding the long-awaited iPhone 5, it seems that it will have a bigger display than its predecessors and will be thinner. Information seems to be confirmed by the several models of cases that have already appeared all over the internet. The phone will be available in two versions, black and white, 16 and 32 GB, respectively.

Regarding the iPhone 4S, this would be launched simultaneously with the 5th generation and will be designed especially for emerging markets like China. The phone will bring a series of improvements, but not up to the 5th generation.

About the 4S model, Engadget wrote that it had already appeared in the internal network of the U.S. telecom operator AT&T. iPhone 4S is basically an iPhone 4 with minor improvements, and those from Apple will promote it through a very competitive price.

Beyond the expectations for the launch of the new iPhone models, the analyst at JP Morgan said the new generation of iPhones would be rescheduled for March next year, mainly for the reason iPad 2 records spectacular sales.

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