Every year, the launch of the new iPhone is one of the most discussed topics between tech fans and this year could be no exception. The release of the new iPhone is highly anticipated by Apple's fans and thus, every rumor is spread in just a few hours throughout the world.

According to the latest rumors, the new iPhone, or iPhone 5 if you like, is expected in the next couple of months. Although the exact date is still unknown, there are two rumors that are currently spreading.

The first one mentions a release in mid-August, which means that we should expect an announcement in the first days of August. As you can imagine, it's not very possible, since it is too early for such a big announcement. Apple knows that iPhone 5 is a great income generator and thus, they would not risk launching it very soon. After all, they need to count on the Christmas market and launching it during the summer, would be too far from December. On the other hand, it could be a good idea if they wanted to catch up with the releases of their competitors.

The second rumor comes from the Japanese blog Macotakara, which had also predicted the release of iPhone last year, that predicts a release in September. Macotakara also mentions that the new iPhone will also have a new look, comparing to iPhone 4S. If we stick to their good sources, a release during September seems more probable than one in August. It is the period when big announcements are made and thus, they need to make a good impression from the beginning.

And if we want to reproduce all the rumors that are circulating, Mashable reports that Taobao, a Chinese e-commerce site,  is already accepting pre-orders for iPhone 5, surprising us even more about its potential short release.

So, after all these rumors, when should we expect iPhone 5? Apple is the only one that can tell for sure.

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