Earlier this week, at an industry press event held on the U.S.S. Intrepid Museum in New York City, Samsung previewed their massive, 75-inch 3D HDTV. The ES9000 is the most impressive device they’ve ever released, and should get a great deal of coverage in the technology industry over the next month. It will incorporate all of the Smart Interaction features that were so popular in their previous ES8000 series, further changing how consumers interact with their home theater devices.

The new HDTV, which will sport a $10,000 price tag, has a distinctive rose and gold bezel, very different from the traditional silver, clear and black seen in the majority of HDTVs. A retractable camera gives users control of the device through gestures, and integrates seamlessly with Skype.

Samsung has it’s own dedicated apps for these devices as well, and demonstrated its capabilities with a preview of Angry Birds. The game will be a free download, playable on their E8000, ES8000, and ES7500 line as well, and can be controlled completely with gestures on the ES9000.

Samsung declared that the new release will have a significantly better picture, due primarily to their Precision Black Local Dimming and Micro Dimming Ultimate features. They expect 30% improvement in the black colors, and 60% increased sharpness. The ES9000 will begin shipping out to stores in August, giving consumers the opportunity to soon decide for themselves if the difference is worth an upgrade.

The $9,999 retail price makes it one of the most expensive HDTVs on the market. It hasn’t been reviewed yet, so it remains to be seen if the ES9000 will completely earn that price break. But the device is sure to turn heads in the high end HDTV market.

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