If an entry on Bluetooth.org is to be believed, Sony is silently working on a new phone. Sony calls it the LT30 and they are working away getting all the required certifications and the tie-ups for a possible launch.

Apparently this means that there are more to the Sony LT30 rumors that are going around. Reading all the details below however it may seem very close to the Sony Xperia GX, a LTE smartphone released by Sony exclusively for the Japanese market in May 2012. The new phone could just as well end up being an international avatar of the Xperia GX. If things shape up well we could see the phone in the US and other international markets soon.

The features that are mentioned on the website reveals some details regarding the dimension, screen size, and the camera quality. The smartphone is apparently going to be a thin one by looking at the dimensions registered. It could very well be powered by the Snapdragon S4 Dual core processor, the same as the Xperia GX and weigh around 140 Gms based on a metal back ARC design. Apparently, Sony is going for a trusted processor which can offer better battery life and increased phone performance.

The phone will sport a 13-megapixel rear camera (which should be more than enough as some of the entry level DSLR’s come with only 12-14 megapixels) and be capable of recording videos in 1080p. A front facing camera will be able to shoot videos in 720p HD, which is perfect for video streaming and making video calls.

The 4.6-screen resolution details are not available and it is also not clear whether the screen will have any upgrades from the other phones that are in the Sony stable. Additional features could very well be implemented by the time the smartphone will hit the stores.

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