iPhone 5 was destined to be a successful release, even before reaching in our hands. Apple knows very well that every new iPhone handset will attract significant popularity, which means that it will eventually boost their annual sales.

It is a circle that goes on the last few years and is justified one more time with the sales of iPhone 5. Apple's brand new release, the iPhone 5, has already reached 5 million sales in just the first weekend of its release. Although it is not yet sold throughout the whole world, not even in half of it, it managed to surpass the sales of iPhone 4S, which reached 4 million sales in its first two days.

These first stats remind us of the estimates that analysts made even before the release of iPhone 5 claiming that it will be the best selling iPhone of all time. More specifically, they estimated that Apple will sell 58 million iPhone 5 units until the end of this year, which means that it can bring to Apple a revenue of $36.2 billion! And if they sound like they are exaggerating, just consider their prediction of the 10 million sales during the first month. Considering the 5 million sales of the first weekend, not only is a feasible goal, but it can also reach even higher numbers.

In addition, there are still many countries that anticipate for the release of the iPhone 5, with all the queuing that comes along with this anticipation. Thus, Apple should feel really confident about the sales of the next quarter and even the one following it. Their fans keep buying their products and even Samsung's disregard of the iPhone 5 didn't seem to work that well. Galaxy S III might be a very successful product, but Samsung still has a long way until reaching the level of loyalty that Apple has with iPhones. Till then, we are just waiting for the next stats that are related to the iPhone 5.

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