RIM seems to be very excited about the forthcoming release of the Blackberry 10 and it decided to present the phone to developers, by exhibiting some Dev Alpha devices to a series of "Blackberry Jam" events. It is a way to get the first impressions on Blackberry 10, until its final release for consumers during the first months of 2013.

According to the CEO of RIM, Thorsten Heins:

“With BB10 we’re at the start of a new era of mobile computing,”

“BB10 introduces a shift to true mobile computing, and that is why we’ve built a whole new platform, a new architecture, from the ground up."

Blackberry 10 is expected to have many new features, while surprises are not denied. From what we already know, we are expecting an update on Blackberry Messenger (BBM), which is going to have a better look that will allow an easier conversation. The home screen is also expected to change, with RIM naming it "Blackberry Flow" and allowing the user to browse the pages with the apps. The inbox is also going to change, integrating BBM, text messages and any update from social networks. From now on, it will be known as "Blackberry Hub" and it will be one of your most frequent visits. What's more, the camera will be more functional, while there will also be active frames, which remind us of the live tiles on the Windows Phone.

All these features indicate that RIM is trying hard to prove that they are still in the game and they seem to be aware of what the consumers want lately. Will Blackberry 10 be their rebound to the smartphone market? We just have to wait a few months to answer that question.

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