iPhone 5 kept busy the homepage of every smartphone website the last week and it is not surprising that there were so many things to write about it. Since the announcement of it, every Apple fan anticipated for the big news. Since its sale, every Apple fan pre-ordered it and by the time it was finally on stores, a skillful hacker managed to jailbreak it, in just a single day!

The fact that iPhone 5 has been pre-ordered in 3 days 96% as the purchases of iPhone 4S for the whole first month, proves how big the anticipation was from every Apple fan. And this is not just an estimated number, but the stats that were released from Comscore. As it seems, Apple's fans have been greatly increased, with the promotion of iPhone 5 being successful. The difference between the sales of iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 is significant, which raises the expectations of its general sales even more.  As for the carriers, the majority of the pre-orders was recorded at AT&T, holding 68% of them, with Verizon following with 24%.

And just when we were all impressed by the pre-orders of iPhone 5, a hacker managed to jailbreak it, even from the first day! Grant Paul posted a picture on Twitter showing an iPhone 5 that was running Cydia Store, which is for jailbroken phones. Although many were suspicious about the validity of his claim, he eventually posted additional pictures, in order to prove his claim. As it seems, he did manage to jailbreak iPhone 5 from day one, which gave him a lot of buzz the last few days.

iPhone 5 is here to stay and it seems, we are all part of this mania. At least until the release of the next generation of iPhone.

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