Blackberry has experienced a major service problem in Europe, Middle East and Africa some days ago, which could not be ignored.

Research in Motion does not seem to relax lately, since problems never seem to end. After the worries that Blackberries might be staying behind the needs of the modern smartphone user, an outage in their services in various areas was just another blow. It was September 21 when a 3-hour outage at the Blackberry services was widely discussed in social media, with RIM making two announcements related to the issue.

The first one was when the problem was spotted, with RIM stating:

"We are currently experiencing a BlackBerry service issue impacting some users in Europe, Middle East & Africa. All relevant support teams are working to resolve the issue. We apologize to any customers who may be affected."

Afterwards, just when the problem was resolved, RIM CEO, Thorsten Heins made the following announcement:

“I want to apologize to those BlackBerry customers in Europe and Africa who experienced an impact in their quality of service earlier this morning,”

“The BlackBerry service is now fully restored and I can report that no data or messages were lost.”

It is not the first network outage recorded for Blackberries, with the most serious one being almost a year ago, when email, browsing and instant messaging did not work around the world for 3 days!

Although the stock of RIM has been affected by the outage, they still remain confident over the release of the new line of Blackberries. They are optimistic about their future and they reassure all the Blackberry fans that they are still alive in the competition of smartphones.

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